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Find Out How RTLS Asset Tracking Improves Your Bottom Line

Real-Time Locating System improves your bottom line and enhances patient care.

Using Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) to optimize asset management and improve patient throughput can be a financial lifeline for any hospital. Pinpointing the location and status of mobile equipment is critical to improving asset utilization and operational efficiency. Staff wastes valuable time searching for hidden, lost or missing equipment. This often leads to new equipment purchases, rentals, and replacement costs, which are ultimately unnecessary.

TeleTracking’s RTLS Asset Tracking application allows hospital personnel to manage assets, reduce costs and streamline efficiency, which in turn improves quality, patient safety, and the financial bottom line. Discover the benefits that come with RTLS asset tracking and how you can utilize RTLS in your hospital to enhance patient care. 

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How it Benefits You

  • Reduce search time and allow caregivers to spend more time with patients
  • Rapid response to clinical equipment needs
  • Closely track equipment usage patterns and identify idle assets
  • Track movement from designated departments to maximize equipment utilization
  • Reduce unnecessary equipment purchases and rentals by enabling inventory procurement balancing
  • Enhance support service and increase staff productivity
  • Automatic alert triggers for par level and soiled collection activites

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