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Reduce Lost Bed Time with Real-Time Patient Tracking. 

Many hospitals struggle with knowing when a bed is truly vacated and available to be cleaned, which negatively affects capacity. And, inefficiencies in patient flow processes reduce usable capacity by as much as 20 percent.
Historically, bed availability has been driven by the ADT systems and nurse facilitated discharge notifications to inform Environmental Services (EVS) of a vacated bed (dirty/unoccupied). This method is latent: it often takes hours after a patient leaves for beds to be marked as vacated.
Many hospitals have put best practices in place that utilize patient transport staff and automated transport dispatch solutions such as TeleTracking’s TransportTracking application to trigger the dirty bed notification as soon as the discharge transport job begins, and well before ADT discharge messaging occurs. This form of RTLS tracking significantly improves the pace of dirty bed notification and bed turns. Still, even the best run hospital operations experience an estimated 25% of discharges without the assistance of a transporter. Further, many intra-facility patient transfers, such as those from the perioperative suite are performed by clinical staff, and do not involve patient transport staff.

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  • Increase discharge efficiencies by knowing when a bed has been vacated in real-time
  • Improve patient throughput for greater revenue opportunities
  • Increase capacity by up to 20% more without adding new beds

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