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Data Sheet

RTLS Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Real-Time Location System monitors hand hygiene events, drives behavior, reduces infection and saves lives.

In healthcare, we’ve known for over 150 years that handwashing can prevent infection, yet the CDC estimates handhygiene compliance for healthcare workers is less than 50%, on average. Using TeleTracking’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS) to monitor hand washing compliance can save lives, improve patient safety and reduce costs associated with hospital associated infections.


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How it Benefits You

  • Increase patient and staff safety
  • Automated hand hygiene compliance monitoring
  • 24/7 hand hygiene event monitoring with automatic tracking at the caregiver level
  • Collects compliance data on events before and after patient encounter
  • An integrated dispenser or monitor mounts to any hand sanitizing dispenser with multiple mechanisms to activate the hand hygiene dispenser
  • Enabled by TeleTracking RTLS solutions

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