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Potentially unsafe temperature ranges can affect patient safety and the financial bottom line.

Hospitals need to report, measure and monitor temperature-controlling devices such as refrigerators and freezers containing medications, blood and tissue samples, and food products as well as other units like fluid and blanket warmers to assure compliant temperature ranges.

The TeleTracking RTLS TempTracking™ application eliminates manual temperature logging, stores documented responses and allows improved response time to potentially unsafe temperature ranges ultimately improving patient safety and the financial bottom line.

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  • Accurate and reliable remote temperature monitoring
  • Reduces potentially unsafe temperature ranges by proactively identifying and reacting to a temperature problem
  • Automates temperature measurement and logging with customizable reporting rates
  • Probe-based tags monitor ranges from -200°C to -75°C reliably and accurately
  • Alerts (visual/email) occur when temperature is above or below pre-set parameters to enable immediate reaction and corrective action logging
  • Provides automated 24/7 temperature logs for regulatory compliance reporting that eliminates manual documentation and human error
  • Meets and complies with NIST Certification and Calibration

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