When TeleTracking was founded in 1991, the concept of patient flow was foreign to most and automation was something done in factories. Operational efficiency wasn’t even considered.

It took insight to recognize that there was a patient flow pattern within the continuum of care and that many of the steps in that flow could be automated and monitored for greater efficiency.

TeleTracking’s applications are in 80% of the installed flow automation market. What started as a simple bed turnover solution has evolved into an end-to-end operational backbone that optimizes hospital operations in real-time, helping to better utilize existing capacity and resources.

The tipping point for this new operational efficiency platform was the incorporation of Real Time Locating System (RTLS) technology and TeleTracking’s suite of operational solutions. By integrating flow automation software and sensor network technology, we’re able to keep more precise track of patients, staff and assets, eliminating even more wasted time and resources from the patient flow process and adding to a hospital’s usable capacity.

The growth of RTLS in healthcare has been rapid, due to the immediate ROI of keeping track of mobile medical devices. And there are many reasonable options available today for that purpose.

But there is more to RTLS than meets the eye. Buyers should take a more holistic view of RTLS and research their options.

If the options you are considering only track assets, you’re looking at yesterday’s technology. RTLS is really an enabling technology which can improve overall operational efficiency and performance.

Only RTLS that is interoperable with patient flow automation and automated business intelligence technologies creates an enterprise-wide system which can increasingly automate healthcare delivery.

This convergence, TeleTracking’s Real-Time Capacity Management™ solutions, employs a massively distributed array of monitors, delivering data in real time, which reports the status of all people and resources all the time.

It puts a moment-by-moment moving picture of hospital physical operations on your desktop or mobile device. You’ll have instant feedback on procedures, admissions, discharges, room availability and assignments, asset inventory and location.

This tighter control over operational functions produces additional capacity from existing space, reduces wait times, speeds transfers, cuts diversion, projects staffing needs, and measures efficiency performance.

What’s the ROI of TeleTracking’s Real-Time Capacity Management™ solutions vs a solution that is only capable of asset management? About ten to one. While asset management RTLS delivers about $1 million annually, our operational platform averages more than $10 million annually, with much higher yields in specific cases.

Jon Poshywak – vice president and general manager of TeleTracking’s RTLS division

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