In patient flow, great products win business but great transformation and support keeps it.

At TeleTracking, the key measurement of how we’re doing is the number of clients we keep.

While we are very attentive to new business wins, annual growth numbers and the like, in our culture performance ultimately comes down to how many of our 850+ clients are with us at the start of a new year.

Keeping a customer requires more than great products. It requires an extraordinary level of service, an area in which we always shine, according to the annual KLAS survey of healthcare IT companies.

But why take my word for it. Here’s what one client at had to say about our service:

“I wanted to make sure you knew how impressed I was by the response from TeleTracking when we had a server go down last Friday. I think I talked to everyone who works in support that day, and they were all so responsive and knowledgeable.

“They helped me troubleshoot, answered questions about the dialogic cards, disabling services, re-routing the HL7, there wasn’t a question they couldn’t answer. I even got a call from our project manager, who had been informed of our situation, with options to get started earlier than planned on our XT upgrade.

“I felt like TeleTracking gave this matter the level of attention it deserved and was on standby to do whatever was necessary to assist us. I support other applications where the response from support is mediocre and we are gradually moving away from companies like this.

“It really doesn’t matter how good the software is if you can’t get good support when you need it. It is so important that one of our largest enterprise solutions also has excellent technical support. It makes things much less stressful during trying situations.”

How does client transformation make (or break) your vendor relationships?

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