Change is never easy. It’s human nature to want to keep things the same because there’s comfort in the familiar and anxiety in the unfamiliar. But if you don’t change, you won’t evolve, and you won’t have the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology, in this example, and realize some of the best outcomes.   

For example, if you bought a brand-new Corvette in 2007, you would’ve had a car with cutting edge performance and the latest technology. Now think about that same car in 2020—it may still be reliable and easy to work on; it may still get compliments and it may still have great pick up for a 13-year-old car.  But, it’s now 2020 and there’s a 2020 Corvettea car with the latest automotive technology along with design and engineering that rival cars that cost three times as much. And while the 2020 Corvette might carry a higher price tag, there is no comparison between the two—the 2020 model is far superior.  

This Corvette analogy is the perfect way to shift into a wrap-up of our recent webinar, Making the Switch to SynapseIQ® Enterprise. Just like the 2007 Corvettein the late 2000s, TeleTracking’s Custom Reporting Solution and Patient Flow Dashboard were the pinnacles of data delivery. And also like the 2007 Corvette, they are now a bit dated. For example, you have to be on the network to see the dashboard; there are no alerts to trigger actions; the data doesn’t provide the historical trends that can guide operational planning and the ability to react quickly to changing conditions. 

SynapseIQ Enterprise is the 2020 Corvette. It is actionable, intuitive, integrated and convenient.  Through a combination of system-wide visibility and extensive drill-down capabilities, operators have the necessary insight to make better, faster decisionsleading to significant performance improvement within their health system.   

And here are even more benefits of SynapseIQ Enterprise: 

  • SynapseIQ Enterprise is cloud-based, which means we release smaller more consumable featuresmore frequently to help your organization keep pace with innovation and market conditions. 
  • There’s more information available from fewer reports, including customizable options for streamlining data into concise presentations, interactive dashboards and data filters, customizable global parameters for slicing data, and customized views defined by the user.  
  • Fully interactive reports and dashboards can be accessed at any time, directly from a mobile device​ with all standard content created by TeleTracking’s operational experts​ and all custom content created by your in-house experts. This capability is important because leaders are often juggling multiple priorities, are in meetings most of the day and are rarely in the command center or at their desk. Mobile views give leaders the flexibility to check performance while they are in a meeting or at home (off-shift) to monitor how the system is performing.  
  • A standard reporting package, embedded with TeleTracking best practices, is updated with every release with content built by TeleTracking’s subject matter experts based on nearly 30 years of expertise​Product updates include new content as well as content enhancements. ​The content also spans across the entire value streamAccess [Transfer Center] and Throughput [Bed Tracking, PreAdmit Tracking, Transport Tracking]—with both mobile and desktop views​. SynapseIQ Enterprise also provides the ability to display reports using multiple sources. For example, now the current census with pending pre-admits can be displayed alongside the number of EVS jobs that are dirty and in-progress. This flexibility allows patient flow to be analyzed across multiple disciplinesas well as drive outcomes by making it possible to focus on areas of need all within one report.  
  • One data warehouse means that both historical and the current day data​ can be shown in one view to help with issue detection and root cause analysis. With SynapseIQ Enterprise, data and reports can be viewed the same day in one location as opposed to historical / archived data from midnight and beyond. Since most nightshifts measure both the previous day and the current day, this can now be avoided—and second shift performance can be viewed in a single reportFor example, the ability to view placements for an entire shift that spans across midnight is now possible. Another example is the ability to review blocked beds in real-time, as opposed to a blocked bed report that only captures metrics until midnight. These factors mean that the blocked bed report is accurate at the 8AM huddle, accounting for beds that were blocked since midnight.  
  • Industry-leading Business Intelligence tools​ provide flexible data visualization with a wide variety of chart and graph design options, the ability to combine data from multiple sources, and end-users are able to build and interact with charts and reports. 
  • SynapseIQ Enterprise provides visualization tools that allow report builders to highlight certain key functionalities very easily.  
  • SynapseIQ Enterprise makes it simple to drill down and parse data easily from charts and graphs without running any additional reports​Analysts can choose to use the tooltip and detail marks to expose strategic data points​ and show and export all underlying data points from the data source from both EDIT and VIEW modes​. The raw data is important because outliers can be exposed that might be skewing aggregates. For example, if EVS turn-times are above the threshold, you can drill into the data to see if it is multiple jobs, or if there is one particular area that is strugglingor even one job that is skewing the information significantly. Quite simply, it provides the operational clarity and that can help you focus the resources.    
  • SynapseIQ Enterprise is integrated with the TeleTracking IQ platform and designed to analyze IQ operational data through a modern event-driven architecture​ so you have a full picture of your operations.  

Finally, it’s important to stress that Custom Reporting Solution utilizes third-party technology―including SSRS 2008 which is a component of Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2―that Microsoft stopped supporting as of July 9, 2019. Their Extended Security Updates with Software Assurance for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 runs until July 9, 2022—and that’s why for the protection and benefit of our clients, TeleTracking must end of life Custom Reporting Solution as of July 9, 2022. 

Patient Flow Dashboard also utilizes third party technology, including Adobe® Flash Player―which Adobe has announced plans to end of life as of December 31, 2020. And again, for the benefit and protection of our clients, TeleTracking must end of life Patient Flow Dashboard as of December 31, 2020.  


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