Question: When will SynapseIQ® be available?

A: SynapseIQ is currently in the Limited Release phase and will be available in June 2019. All installs of SynapseIQ will be conducted after June 2019.

Question: Can alerts be set to trigger notifications every time the blocked bed count increases?

A: Yes. Any quantifiable metric can have an alert assigned to it. Notifications can be set by clients in SynapseIQ®.

Question: To what degree will my organization be able to create custom reports, separate from dashboard views?

A: Clients have total autonomy to create custom tabular reports, dynamic reports, and dashboards in SynapseIQ.

Question: Can axis labels be added to the reports in SynapseIQ?

A: Yes, axis labels can be added to reports.

Question: Is SynapseIQ® replacing Performance Reporting or is this a separate service? If it is considered a separate service, is there an additional cost?

A: Yes, SynapseIQ® is a rebrand of Performance Reporting. Current Performance Reporting customers can be upgraded to SynapseIQ™ at no cost. Upgrades can be requested through the Solutions Center upgrade request form.

Question: Is there a way to show the performance of certain teams by department? For example, am I able to see transporters working in the ED vs. transporters who are working on a separate unit?

A:  Yes. In SynapseIQ®, clients are able to see employee performance metrics based on their location assignment in the health system.

Question: What is the latency from when an actual transaction takes place, such as a bed assignment, or a request is made, until that event is reportable in SynapseIQ®?

A: Data will be updated based on the urgency and impact of the change. For example – census data may be updated every 2 minutes while EVS data may be updated every 15 minutes.

Question: For process time measures, am I able to change the aggregate measure from average to median?

A: Yes.

Question: Is there an API or other process for automatic nightly feeds of data? Or is data export limited to a manual process where the user selects the export process from SynapseIQ®?

A: Currently, there is no direct feed or API and TeleTracking is only allowing extracts of data from SynapseIQ. To simplify the manual process, clients can create a subscription report for a tabular report to do data extracts at any frequency they like. We expect to announce additional capabilities later this year.

Question: Would I still need to use the CRS report builder to pull specific data or can that be done within SynapseIQ®?

A: No, everything can be done within SynapseIQ. All the necessary insight to manage a client’s business can be pulled from SynapseIQ and there is no need to use CRS report builder or standard reports.

Question: Do you have an odometer view available in SynapseIQ®?

A: Yes. We have an ‘odometer view’ or gauge chart in our census dashboard. However, if clients would like to add the ‘odometer view’ to other dashboards, they have the autonomy to do so.

Question: In Performance Reporting, only performance data is displayed. Will SynapseIQ® only display performance data or can patient-specific data be displayed as well?

A: SynapseIQ® contains patient-specific data and clients have the ability to drill down and drill through to see patient level and patient-specific data. The dashboards that are prebuilt within SynapseIQ® will not display patient-specific data or PHI to ensure compliance with HIPAA. However, if clients want to display patient-specific data on their dashboards, they have the ability to change the content within the dashboards.

Question: In Performance Reporting, we’re not able to run statistics on all data in Teletracking. For instance, we can only get the % of beds available and not the actual counts. Is that a limitation in SynapseIQ as well?

A: This is not a limitation in SynapseIQ®. The data can be aggregated and parsed out based on client need.

Question: Does the SynapseIQ EVS dashboard have the ability to show data on cleaning requests for areas outside of patient rooms? For example, a family restroom on the unit, or a spill clean in an elevator?

A: If this data is currently being captured in a client’s TeleTracking solutions, then SynapseIQ is able to report on it.

Question: Do you have documentation on available metrics for SynapseIQ? What is the process to request new metrics?

A: Yes, a comprehensive data dictionary is available for SynapseIQ. Once the document is final, it can be sent to clients who request to see what data points are available within SynapseIQ™. The Product Management team will continue to add data points to SynapseIQ, as appropriate. The product team is currently working on an automated process to collect feedback on data points and this process will be communicated at GA in June.

Question: Can reports from SynapseIQ® be downloaded as Excel?

A: At the current time, data from SynapseIQ™ is downloaded directly into a .txt file. This data can then be inputted into Excel. However, tabular reports which are similar in style to Excel, can be built directly within SynapseIQ™. We are currently validating the need to export data directly into Excel during the Limited Release Trial. Stay tuned for more details.

Question: Can you please publish the Q&A?

A: Yup, you've just read it! We also created a blog based on the content and questions from our first SynapseIQ® webinar. 

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