TeleTracking recently expanded its consulting services to offer hospital clients enhanced Six Sigma methodology in order to optimize TeleTracking’s operational management platform for greater efficiency.


TeleTracking’s consulting services group will offer post-installation guidance for process and software optimization, with particular focus on leveraging client relationships to promote peer-to-peer information exchange. The consulting services group will deliver rapid, focused process improvements at the points where TeleTracking’s solutions intersect and impact the ED, OR / perioperative throughput, safe and efficient discharges, patient logistics, physician engagement, and other support services.

TeleTracking Consulting Services Leaders

The group, led by vice president Nanne Finis, RN, MS, and managing director Susan Whitehurst, RN, MSN, MBB, is supported by a seasoned team of hospital nurses and administrators, including:

Deborah Kaczynski, a senior administrative director at UPMC Mercy
Jodi Eisenberg, a leader at Northwestern Memorial Hospital who oversees accreditation, clinical compliance and policy management
Denise Hammel, a lean six sigma and certified manager of quality and organizational excellence

Their primary role, once our technology is in place, is to help clients achieve optimal performance by finding new ways to remove waste from the daily processes that support care delivery and to create a more efficient pathway from processes from patient admission to discharge.

The consultants use a collaborative problem-solving approach based on their extensive experience, an in-depth understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles, data generated by TeleTracking’s powerful Business Intelligence engine, and knowledge of successful practices across hundreds of TeleTracking clients.

What are the Services Offered?

Services will include process enhancements or redesign based on an in-depth understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles, an ability to draw insights from data produced by TeleTracking’s Real-Time Capacity Management™ solutions and knowledge of successful practices used across the hundreds of TeleTracking clients.

It’s very rare to find a source of industry knowledge that is so broad and deep. Nanne and Susan are developing new ways for clients to directly tap into the huge knowledge base created by TeleTracking’s community of nearly 900 hospitals and health systems throughout the US, UK and Canada.

Among their techniques are regular client interactions with peers, such as “client collaborative”webinars and “client cohorts” designed to solve specific, tightly defined problems that have the potential for immediate, highly successful returns.

As the client relationship evolves, so will the contributions of our consulting team, because those contributions will be informed by observations of every TeleTracking touch point in the client organization.

Since changing established habits requires more than good intentions, TeleTracking’s collaborative strategy will engage leaders and stakeholders in understanding the need for change, show them proof that the change is successful, and work with them to generate enthusiasm for the change among all employees.

To learn more about TeleTracking Consulting Services, click here, or contact us at info@teletracking.com/ 800-331-3603.


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