The costs are staggering.

Each year, hospital infections could claim up to 100,000 lives and cost hospitals $45 billion. Yet, studies repeatedly show that, without encouragement, hospital workers may only wash their hands once out of every three times they interact with patients.

Changing hand hygiene behavior isn’t easy. It requires frequent feedback to staff and the celebration of small victories. So systems that can provide that feedback are increasingly valuable to hospital leaders faced with reimbursement penalties and possible lawsuits due to infection.

TeleTracking announced at HIMSS14 that it was entering into a partnership with Hill-Rom Company, a provider of clinical workflow solutions for hospitals, and GOJO, makers of Purell® hand sanitizer, to co-market integrations with the Hill-Rom® Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution.

The partnership will allow hospitals to use TeleTracking’s Real-Time Locating System (RTLS), which provides at-a-glance equipment location and staff workflow, to also measure hand hygiene compliance.

Institutions that have implemented Hill-Rom’s Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution have experienced a significant increase in their hand hygiene compliance. In fact, an independent research study conducted by GOJO at the John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, TX concluded that hand hygiene compliance rates increased 92 percent (from 16.5 percent at baseline to 31.7 percent) when an electronic monitoring system was included in a hand hygiene program.

eleTracking’s AssetTracking® solution is a leading RTLS technology that gives hospitals status and location on equipment and supplies for staff throughout the organization, from a nurse in need of specific supplies for a patient to an IT manager trying to locate equipment for preventative maintenance.

Now that same locating technology will also be able to measure clean hands!

For more information download our AssetTracking Kit or contact us at marketing@teletracking.com.

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