We are very honored to have recently received HFMA’s Peer Reviewed Designation for our Capacity Management Suite™ system.

TeleTracking Technologies’ Capacity Management Suite™ system is an end-to-end healthcare operational management solution that optimizes workflows and processes to improve patient flow and help you make better use of existing hospital capacity.

With tighter operational control, we help hospital leaders drive out hospital waste, improve financial efficiencies, and generate revenue opportunities, all while creating more access and better quality patient care.

Because of our proven impact on hospital financial health, we applied to the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s Peer Review process.  After undergoing the rigorous review process, TeleTracking solutions have been awarded the “Peer Reviewed by HFMA®” designation.

If you aren’t familiar with the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), it is the nation’s leading membership organization of healthcare finance executives and leaders, and is committed to providing the resources healthcare organizations need to achieve sound fiscal health to provide excellent patient care. HFMA helps its members achieve results by providing education, analysis, and guidance, and creating practical tools and solutions that optimize financial management. With the Peer Review process, HFMA provides healthcare financial managers with an objective third party evaluation of products and services used in the healthcare workplace.

From our press release, Michael Gallup, President and COO, stated that “we are honored to be recognized as Peer Reviewed by HFMA®. We recognize that margin improvement is critical to the hospitals ability to fulfill their mission and achieve strategic goals. The team at TeleTracking understands that working collaboratively with industry experts through HFMA is a powerful demonstration of the outcomes and value impact we provide. Our documented success and significant improvement to the operations of an institution has created the capital needed to take organizations to a higher level of healthcare service quality, clinical quality and fiscal stewardship.”

To qualify for review, TeleTracking had to first complete an extensive application. Once qualified, we ran through an intensive gauntlet: a high-level screening process to validate the systems performance claims that we have documented with hundreds of clients over the years.

The review consists of a rigorous, eleven-step process and includes a Peer Review panel comprised of current customers, prospects who have not made a purchase, and industry experts. Peer Review status is based on effectiveness, quality and usability, price, value, and customer and technical support.

What that means is that the feedback is unbiased and reflects how most TeleTracking customers perceive the support and value our solutions provide.

HFMA’s Peer Review process provides our membership with the assurance that those who have earned the designation have met a rigorous screening process,” says HFMA President and CEO Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA. “The Peer Reviewed designation helps members and others identify and evaluate products and services that their organization may need. It can also create brand awareness and recognition in the healthcare finance marketplace for Peer Reviewed products and services.”

When you’re evaluating a healthcare IT resource to improve your hospital’s operational efficiency, what goes into your decision making process? HFMA’s Peer Reviewed Designation is one more criterion you can use to ensure your selected vendor lives up to its claims.


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