Above all else, the well-being of TeleTracking’s clients and the patients they care for comes first.

TeleTracking believes that caregivers are at their best when they’re in a position to provide care as effectively and efficiently as possible.

And, that includes providing the appropriate visibility and safeguards to help prevent the spread of hospital acquired infections (HAIs).


TeleTracking’s TransferCenter™ and PreAdmitTracking™ applications have the ability to capture patient attributes and potential isolations and instantly notify receiving care teams that an isolation risk patient is on the way.

These systems also make isolation status instantly visible for all rounding caregivers on the unit portal and for housekeepers and transporters in their mobile apps. In addition, our RTLS-enabled system can track staff and equipment which may have been exposed to isolation patients to stop infection spread.

TeleTracking believes a transfer center should be the receiving facility’s “first line of defense” against infection and that referring facilities should always be questioned regarding the isolation status of any transferring patients.

For that reason, our TransferCenter™ system permits input of “Contact” or “Airborne” infection type, as well as the specific organism, i.e., Cdiff, TB, Ebola, etc.  That information is then passed seamlessly into the system’s pre-admission application for broad distribution.

Capabilities such as these are increasingly important for keeping viruses such as Ebola at bay and for making sure that special patients are directed to the proper facilities.  Understanding that not every facility can nor should be expected to care for patients with these highly communicable diseases, it starts with creating the appropriate visibility to your patients and overall healthcare operations.

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