Meet Super RN David Pawlikowski, for whom Life is a Beach in this photo!

Many of us don’t really have a sense of what “vulnerable” means until we spend time as a hospital patient.

For those with serious issues, such as intensive care patients, there can be a sense that things are happening around you and to you, but not actually with you.

That’s when it’s gratifying to have someone like David Pawlikowskion your side.


He’s an RN, BSN in an intensive care unit at a 555-bed hospital, with the responsibility of facilitating communications between patients, physicians and the patient’s family (among other things).

“Being a nurse to me means being a patient advocate,” David says. “Someone that works toward the patient’s best interest at all times.”

“Part of my job is making sure they are thought of as a human being; someone’s mother, father, brother, etc.”

And that is why David is TeleTracking’s latest “Super RN.”

“I work in a 35 bed ICU,” he told us. “I am responsible for very sick patients. Try putting yourself in their shoes.”

“Being a super RN means offering your time and skills to your patients,” says David, who looks as if he could be a movie star if he ever decided to give up his day (and night and weekend) job.

“The thing is to be honest and appropriate with them and you will have a great relationship with your patients,” he says.

Based on the photo he sent us, life must be a beach for this Super RN. Good fortune to you, David, and thank you for caring so much about vulnerable patients.

Do you know of someone who aptly fits the title of “Super Nurse”? Please feel free to nominate that person to TeleTracking for special recognition.


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