Faster than a speeding bullet” certainly fits. So does “more powerful than a locomotive.”

But even Super Nurse Jaclyn Hunter can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound. She still has to take the elevator. 

Jaclyn was the first nurse to send us a photo of her wearing one of our Super RN T-Shirts, which were given away in honor of Nurses Week. And Jaclyn certainly qualifies as a Super RN. She’s a performance improvement nurse, which means that she works to ensure that quality and safe patient care is provided to every patient at Sierra Vista Regional Health Center in rural Arizona. 

People who become nurses have been blessed with the desire to help and care for others, but Jaclyn thinks the prototypical Super Nurse takes that desire a few steps further.

It means being an advocate for the patient,” she says. “It means always doing the right thing and doing it the first time.” 

That’s no small order considering the stress nurses often find themselves dealing with. But just to add a little more pressure, Jaclyn sets a higher goal for herself.

I guess being a Super Nurse means being the best at what I do to ensure the patients have safe outcomes,” she believes.

At TeleTracking, every week is Nurses Week, because so much of what we do affects nurses directly. That’s why all of our consultants are nurses. Each one of them has experience in combining process re-design with automation technology. 

Each has a history of successfully combining process re-design with automation technology to develop patient flow solutions that are custom-made for our clients. They bring to the table an ability to relate to our clients and prospects about the silo and culture obstacles which must be overcome to create sustainable improvement in capacity management. 

From our experience, both with nurses on the client side and with our own nurses and nurse executives in the  Avanti Division of Patient Flow Services,  we would add the names “Super Hero,” “Guardian,” “Friend,” and “Ally,” to mention just a few.

We’d like to continue honoring nurses, so if you know someone who aptly fits the title of “Super Nurse,” please feel free to nominate that person to TeleTracking for special recognition. 

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