Mike Coen, TeleTracking’s Vice President, Engineering, joins us for this episode of Patient Flow Podcast.  Coen discusses TeleTracking’s process of migrating to the Cloud and how these advancements are benefiting clients.

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Mike Coen | Vice President, Engineering

Mike Coen, Vice President, Engineering, has extensive experience leading people and project teams, as well as implementing, overseeing and administering all aspects of technology projects. Prior to joining TeleTracking, Coen worked in leadership roles at Leidos, Amazon and SAIC.

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  • We started the migration to the Cloud two years ago with the launch of the TeleTracking IQ platform and are making good forward progress.
  • We’ve integrated several of our on-premise solutions, so that they are compatible with our Cloud offerings.
  • The Cloud is scalable―as an organization grows, the Cloud grows with it. In addition, its centralized environment improves security.
  • Migration to the Cloud is tailored to the specific needs of clients depending on what pieces of software they already have their environment.

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