2018 has been a transformative year for TeleTracking—with every effort, every day, of every employee focused on our mission to ensure that no one will ever have to wait for the care they need.

And that focus has led to great accomplishments—for both TeleTracking and our clients.  So, let’s cut to the chase and share what we’re grateful for this year!

Top Ten


With a sharp vision for how TeleTracking can—and will—operationalize the care continuum, TeleTracking’s Chief Solutions Officer, Christopher Johnson, was promoted to President in May.


Kettering Health Network took a bold leap forward for the health of their community with the construction of a 17,000 square foot operational command center. Phase one of the center is scheduled to open in late January, with long-term plans to build out a state-of-the-art facility that will eventually employ 300 healthcare professionals—and add to our incredible footprint of more than 100 operational command centers and more than 1000 active customer sites.


For the second time in three years TeleTracking was named Innovator of the Year by the Pittsburgh Technology Council. We were also named as a finalist in the Culture Leader of the Year category. We are grateful to be a part of Pittsburgh’s amazing technology community, for the unbelievable talent it produces and for the members of it who have dedicated their careers to TeleTracking.


TeleTracking is proud to be the founding sponsor of Mission of Mercy Pittsburgh, a free, two-day dental clinic for under-served people living in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. All services were provided free of charge by local dental professionals, with 1,189 volunteers—including 100 TeleTracking employees—helping serve 1,103 patients, who received a total of 4,483 procedures valued at $754,715.


The United Kingdom’s MSB Group, comprised of Mid Essex, Southend and Basildon hospitals―and which serves a major part of the Essex community―launched a Patient Flow Control Centre in October. This is the largest patient flow center in the NHS―following Royal Wolverhampton (800 beds), UCLH (800 beds) and the Countess of Chester (600 beds) ―and is making it possible for staff to increase access and efficiently place patients in the more than 1,800 beds, across the three hospitals.


Our annual Client Conference—TeleCon18—was the most well attended TeleCon in the 17-year history of the event. From client presenters and keynote speakers, to 1:1 consultations at the TeleBar and the Command Center experience, we’re thankful to those who came, engaged and continue to believe in and support our mission.

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We have had a long, productive relationship with VCU Health and are proud of the work they’ve done to steadily increase discharges by noon, free up space for 1,500 new admissions, and increase compliance with Medicare discharge standards to over 90 percent—which has resulted in them earning a prestigious HIMSS Davies award.


Three incredible new solutions—Community Scheduling & Workflow, TransferCenter IQ, and SynapseIQ™—were introduced. Community Scheduling & Workflow is a cloud-based solution that provides patient self-scheduling and workflow tools for ambulatory settings; TransferCenter IQ is a scalable, fluid, and powerful solution that provides a positive user experience, actionable analytics, and is designed to be the centerpiece of even the largest, most complex multi-market operational command centers; and SynapseIQ—which will be coming to early adopters in 2019—supports all of our solutions and makes it possible to have an enterprise level view of health system operations.

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Broward Health, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, launched a new Patient Logistics Center in order to reduce patient length of stay and bed turnover time, as well as prevent diversions. The leadership team has embraced the Tele team’s recommendations and has already seen improvements in their goal metrics. 2019 will bring a disaster readiness component that will improve Broward Health’s ability to effectively track patients, family members, and staff and equipment during a disaster like a hurricane or mass casualty event.


Responding to feedback from our clients, we developed an in-depth Disaster Readiness program, designed to help health systems prepare—and empower their teams—to handle the multitude of challenges that occur in a disaster situation. The program includes regulatory compliance, technology and workflows to improve communication and efficiency, and state and federal reporting requirements. How prepared is your health system? Join us for a webinar on February 8th at 12:30pm ET.

Disaster Readiness Webinar


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