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Have you ever tried to fix one problem, only to realize that it causes another? Because we’re all in search of a balanced solution that will offer a comprehensive approach to success—especially in healthcare, many experts believe that the solution may lie with Artificial Intelligence [AI] and its almost ‘magical’ potential.

Adaptive Intelligence

And while currently, the vision exceeds the capability, it certainly won’t be that way for long. Public and private sector investment in healthcare AI is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2021, according to some estimates.

To date, much of the focus regarding machine learning and AI has been clinical in nature—things like early disease detection, imaging analysis, population health determinants, and precision medicine—clinical diagnosis and treatment that we could only imagine a generation ago. And so, it’s an unlimited and new frontier in medicine that will likely revolutionize patient care.

This story can be found in the 2020 Winter Issue of TeleTracking's Patient Flow Quarterly Magazine. Download the full issue.

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