TeleCon16 brought hundreds of healthcare professionals to the Naples Grande Beach Resort last week for three days of best practice sharing, education and networking.  This was also a celebration of TeleTracking’s 25th anniversary, and @TheRealTeleBear made an appearance Sunday evening during registration!  Vice President of Marketing, Kris Kaneta opened the conference Monday, October 10th with a heartfelt thank you to those who traveled despite Hurricane Matthew’s devastation in the southeast, and reiterated that TeleTracking is committed to providing innovative solutions that will ensure that patients never have to wait for quality care.


Keynote speaker Doug Dietz, GE Healthcare, Innovation Architect and a faculty member at the Stanford School of Design, shared his thoughts on empathy and user centered design.  Dietz took conference-goers behind the scenes of how he has been able to tap into children’s amazing imaginations to transform the radiology experience into a positive memorable adventure that makes them feel like they’re in control—and consequently less afraid.  He featured MRI machines that looked like a pirate island adventure and a yellow submarine to an incubator that features patient statistics in the first person, adding a special, humanizing touch.

The focus shifted to the latest developments at TeleTracking when Mike Gallup took the stage.   Mike told the audience, “We’re here to help, we’re here to serve, and we’re here to decrease frustrations and improve performance at your hospital.  We will continue to focus on how to get your patients through the healthcare system.”  He continued that it is vital to serve our citizens and that is being reflected by the work we’re doing with the government in the United Kingdom, as well as our recent appearance in front of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Jason Harber continued the conversation about service and why patient flow matters.  “One day it may be us or our loved one in the system.  And every hour that patients wait to receive the inpatient care they need, they face objectively worse health outcomes.  By reducing the average boarding time in the ED from six to four hours could create the capacity to help 9.7 million more patients per year— with a potential of $12 billion in additional revenue per year.”

TeleTracking’s vision to revolutionize patient flow includes enabling outcomes, providing a strong foundation through an updated platform look and feel, and an emphasis on access management.  And by partnering to support providers in the community, while streamlining and removing communication barriers it’s possible to provide a higher level of service to existing referring providers.

Jason also talked about the importance of providing actionable to data to drive decision making in order to track avoidable delays and why they occur.  Enhancements to TeleTracking’s Performance Reporting includes new predictive capabilities that will make it easier for staff to know what is around the corner and plan effectively.

Dr. Mark G. Moseley, Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs & Associate Professor, The Ohio State University Department of Emergency Medicine wrapped up the morning general session.   He talked about how he realized that if he wanted to be successful in helping patients he had to look at the larger system.

“Feeling helpless about helping patients in ED is heartbreaking.  I realized if I couldn’t fix the backdoor of the ED, I couldn’t get new patients in, and we would also lose the hearts and minds of the docs.”

TeleTracking provided a source of truth for operational data. Within six months, OSU was experiencing outcomes that included:

  • 42% decrease in diversion hours to the main campus
  • 27% improvement in EVS turn times
  • 45% decrease in the time it took outside transfers, from initial call to arrival

Monday afternoon also offered a wide range of breakout sessions and product demonstrations.

The afternoon concluded with the announcement that TeleTracking has partnered with The DAISY Foundation and will recognize extraordinary nurses for excellence in patient flow starting in November 2016.  The first winner will be announced at next year’s Client Conference.

Finally, that evening, attendees gathered by the pool to celebrate TeleTracking’s 25 Anniversary by taking a trip back to the ‘90s—complete with Aqua Net, slap bracelets and lots of great ‘90s tunes!

Day 2

Tuesday started with physician and hip-hop artist Dr. Zubin Damania aka ZDoggMD.  He talked about how healthcare has become a broken system with patients being viewed as commodities.  Then he shared the innovative model he’s created in Las Vegas, NV called Turntable Health that takes a holistic, team-based approach to patient care.  In just one year, Turntable Health has achieved a 90% positive net promoter score.  ZDogg ended the session with an energetic performance of EHR State of Mind and Lose Yourself – Let’s Unbreak Healthcare.

Jackson Health System’s CFO, Alan Goldsmith and Vice President of Business Process and Operational Improvement, Bill Griffith then took the stage to talk about the cultural transformation they’re leading at Jackson Health System that is also transforming healthcare for all of their customers.  By combining technology and an employee engagement strategy they are realizing positive outcomes that include:

  • Reduction in LOS at Jackson Memorial Hospital by 1.5 days
  • Increased admissions by 30%
  • Increased transport productivity from 2.2 to 3.3 trips per hour
  • 52% reduction in hold times in the Emergency Department
  • Clean Bed Assignment to Pending Transport from 118 minutes to +/- 57 minutes representing $5Mil/year cost savings

Next to the stage was Derick Ziegler, Vice President, Regional Operations and Katie Morrissette, Administrator, TeleHealth from Baptist Memorial Health Care.  They shared the critical success factors for data analysis and leadership engagement with custom reporting—which was mission critical at Baptist in driving sustainable entity and system outcomes.  They also shared how leadership and transparency led to critical conversations surrounding “culture of change and relinquishing control” on the evolving journey as a system to minimize system leakage.

Bill Strickland – community leader, author, and President & CEO of the non-profit Manchester Bidwell Corporation based in Pittsburgh, PA—ended the morning general session.  Strickland shared his own experience with the healthcare system and the compassionate care he received after undergoing a successful lung transplant.  He went on to share his inspiring story of creating a state-of-the-art job training school model, which continues to impacting thousands of lives around the world.

Tuesday afternoon offered another set of interesting and informative breakout sessions, client success stories and product demonstrations.

Day 3

The third day started with breakout sessions and product demonstrations, and ended with Kevin Capatch , Director of Supply Chain at Geisinger Medical Center, recognizing Michael Zamagias and Michael Gallup as mentors and leaders, and asked, “How do you out-give a giver?”  The result was a word cloud about what clients love about TeleTracking!

Michael Gallup closed the conference by thanking those in attendance and reminded attendees about TeleCon17 at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, AZ – October 22nd through the 25th.

We hope to see you there!

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