ACHIEVE™ is our methodology for results

We respect that time is the one thing clinicians do not have enough of—and why it’s more important than ever that health systems realize outcomes faster.  Our methodology has evolved over the last three decades to deliver both immediate and long-term results.

Like most large-scale initiatives, the creation of new capabilities and the realization of outcomes requires a systematic approach. ACHIEVE is the method we use to institute change and help your health system adopt best practices.

ACHIEVE Methodology

industry-tested and evidence-based

Best Practice Adoption is the Core of Our Methodology

With nearly three decades of experience and hundreds of hospital and health system clients, TeleTracking has identified best practices to drive results so that no patient ever waits for the care they need. When combined with our army of experts and technology solutions and delivered through ACHIEVE, these best practices enable caregivers and healthcare operators with the tactics and metrics needed to drive operational performance.

  • Organizational Transformation

    Organizational Transformation Best Practices empower organizations to engage senior leadership, make data-driven decisions, employ systematic change management, and eliminate barriers to enhance operational performance and agility.

  • Access

    Access best practices align operational and clinical resources to accelerate patient placement workflows through process, data, and automation, ensuring the right patient arrives to the right bed the first time.

  • Throughput

    Throughput best practices build a culture of effective communication and collaboration, focused on patient progression through the acute setting. As a result, care is coordinated and efficient leading to a better patient experience.

  • Discharge

    Discharge best practices serve as the foundation for systematic, effective patient flow. Expected, planned, coordinated and completed patient discharges improve patient care, and create stability in hospital capacity.

What Clients are Saying

A Success Story

"We have been able to sustain the positive changes to our operations—and the resulting outcomes—because the benefits to our patients are clear and we have strong buy-in from every level of our organization. There is a real passion here because we believe it allows us to provide better patient care. And it is why we’re so tenacious and committed to moving forward. We have hardwired the processes at our organization and live and breathe it every day."

Irene Agostini, MD

Chief Medical Officer, University of New Mexico Health System