The Common Challenge

Hidden Bottlenecks are Raising Costs and Impacting Patient Care

Healthcare operations are complex and dynamic; leaders are facing new challenges with competitive pressures, shrinking margins, staffing crises, and large-scale disasters. In today’s landscape, being efficient is no longer optional, it is required.

If your organization lacks situational awareness, system-wide visibility and data-driven insight to compete in today’s turbulent landscape—it’s time for a change.

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SynapseIQ® Enterprise Analytics

We're Talking About Adaptive Intelligence

Have you ever tried to fix one problem, only to realize that it causes another? Because we’re all in search of a balanced solution that will offer a comprehensive approach to success—especially in healthcare, many experts believe that the solution may lie with Artificial Intelligence [AI] and its almost ‘magical’ potential.

Experience system-wide visibility with SynapseIQ® Enterprise

TeleTracking offers a powerful analytics platform that creates visibility across your system and places data-driven insight into the hands of front-line staff and managers, not siloed in your IT department. Bottlenecks are surfaced quickly enabling teams to mobilize, focus efforts, and address issues immediately. And, since our dashboards were designed by more than one-hundred subject matter experts, you can rest assured that your organization is tracking the metrics that matter most.

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The Power of SynapseIQ® Enterprise

Quickly Identify Levers to Unlock Latent Capacity

Latent Capacity SynapseIQ® EnterpriseThe COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the need to address demand and remove bottlenecks swiftly. This need will continue to rise as health systems tackle increased deficits from this global pandemic.



To do this, leaders need a current view of their operations to make the best decision. Our solution was designed to focus users on the most important metrics to accelerate throughput across the system. The insight delivered by SynapseIQ® Enterprise Analytics enables staff to load-balance resources and incoming patients across their system, work with frontline employees to unblock beds and make them available for incoming patients and reduce length-of-stay by deploying resources to units where discharges are delayed.

Uncover Hidden Growth and Revenue Opportunities

Revenue opportunities SynapseIQ AnalyticsExpanding and optimizing patient access is critical for the financial sustainability of every health system. Clear data to pinpoint these roadblocks is critical.

With SynapseIQ® Enterprise Analytics, health system operational leaders have visibility into outbound and inbound referral patient volume, physician and facility communication response, and transfer timer metrics. Leadership can develop specific and targeted outreach marketing efforts to areas where referral volume has dipped and drive accountability among physicians with delayed patient transfer response times or multiple patient transfer declines.

Drive Accountability and Transparency Across Your Health System

Drive Accountability and Transparency Across Your Health SystemThe ability to respond to data and drive accountability often separates successful companies from those less successful. Easy-to-read dashboards for your health system provide information you can digest quickly—these are metrics that matter.

Whether you are a front-line manager who needs transporter and / or EVS employee productivity threshold insight or a C-suite executive who needs insight into health system enterprise performance goals, SynapseIQ® Enterprise Analytics delivers contextual insight and situational awareness to multiple stakeholders across your entire organization.

Drive Performance Improvement From Anywhere

Mobile app performanceHealthcare operations are dynamic, and leaders need up to the minute information to make the most informed decision.

With SynapseIQ® Enterprise Analytics, your health system leaders have the flexibility to view critical insights on their phone, tablet or laptop. Whether you are a front-line manager in your Health System Operational Command Center or a C-suite executive traveling to your next meeting, you can now stay apprised of changing conditions while on-the-go.

Client Success | Case Study

West Tennessee Healthcare

West Tennessee Healthcare rapidly deployed SynapseIQ® Enterprise to manage the COVID-19 crisis. They knew that real-time visibility into capacity and equipment was critical to operating more cohesively as a system with timely, actionable data.

Jackson-Madison County General Hospital | West Tennessee Health


Responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic

This global healthcare and economic crisis has illuminated the need for what TeleTracking does more than ever before–managing hospital operations and providing real-time visibility with actionable and meaningful data.

TeleTracking was uniquely positioned to respond quickly, with innovative, highly effective solutions. For example, TeleTracking released an enterprise COVID-19 dashboard, and rapidly deployed solutions to expand capacity at new facilities and alternative care sites.

TeleTracking is contributing to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) data tracking efforts to help with the public health response to COVID-19.