Cloud-Based Patient Access Solution

All New Release TransferCenterIQâ„¢: Powerful, Fluid, Scalable

Transfer Center IQ Webinar

Health systems world-wide are focusing on this problem: can your system transition patients into your hospitals quickly and smoothly? Our TransferCenter customers report more timely care transitions, stronger physician relationships, significant referral and transfer growth, and increased revenue and market share.

Our TransferCenter solution is an essential piece of the Operational Command Center model. With 98% capacity daily, Carilion Clinic was battling increasing diversions and declining referring physician loyalty. After creating their Transfer and Communications Center, operating synergies emerged immediately, resulting in care for 1000 more patients annually.

Benefits for your health system

  • Expand market share and increase revenue
  • Improve timeliness of care transitions
  • Streamline and standardize processes
  • Establish and track organizational goals
  • Drive accountability throughout your organization