The Common Challenge

Driving True Organizational Change

Driving operational efficiency is more challenging than ever. Staff shortages, information silos, and new care delivery models contribute to significant complexity across the care continuum. In addition, operational leaders are inundated with vast amounts of data—most of it hard to consume, not actionable, and impactful on the ability to drive change.

This is why TeleTracking offers a powerful analytics platform, SynapseIQ® Enterprise. Turnkey analytics from SynapseIQ® Enterprise are designed to increase operational understanding, pinpoint bottlenecks, and improve enterprise-wide performance – so your staff can focus on what matters, delivering the best care to patients.

West Tennessee Healthcare is using TeleTracking’s SynapseIQ® Enterprise analytics platform to manage their COVID-19 reporting responsibilities and to gain visibility into bed capacity across all West Tennessee Healthcare hospitals to operate more cohesively with timely, actionable data.

Our Solution

You don't need more data, you need the right data.

SynapseIQ® Enterprise

Ensuring patient safety and improving performance requires staff to have access to information in-the-moment. That’s why we created SynapseIQ® Enterprise. SynapseIQ® Enterprise delivers timely and actionable data and enterprise-wide visibility to your staff.

Did You Know?

If the US healthcare system was able to use data more effectively, the sector could realize more than $300 billion in value every year.

McKinsey, 2018 The 'big data' revolution in healthcare: Accelerating value and innovation

On the Floor

How does this help my team?



Can use intelligence from SynapseIQ® Enterprise to identify growth and revenue opportunities, inform strategic decision-making around resource allocation and funding, and quickly understand the current operational state of their health system.

Command Center Directors/Patient Flow Managers

Can observe at-a-glance current health system status, make informed patient placement decisions and load balance resources across the system to drive efficiency.


With structured and easily accessible data, analysts can conduct ad-hoc analyses, trend historical data against current performance, and quickly and easily create reports to promote shared and transparent knowledge across the enterprise.

Environmental Services and Transport Managers

Can achieve goals with dashboards explicitly designed to meet their needs and can celebrate the successes of exemplary staff via employee accountability metrics.