The Patient Access Challenge

The first hurdle is getting patients through the door when they need care.


Our patient access solutions are designed to directly and quickly impact system growth and cost management. Documented outcomes tell the story of efficiencies, savings and improved patient access to care being realized. As impressive as these numbers are, our most valued outcome is ensuring that patients aren't waiting for the care they need.

The care continuum begins the moment a patient, their family or their physician chooses where to receive care. If patients can't get in the door, they can't receive the care they need.

  • Do transfers occur in a timely manner with only one phone call?
  • Can patients self-schedule and notify urgent care before they leave their home?
  • Do you have a centralized patient flow command center bringing transparency to your entire hospital system?
  • Are you able to seamlessly coordinate and automate transportation and emergency services for the placement of outside referrals?

If you can't answer yes to the questions posed above, we can help.

No Patient Waits for Care

Patient Access Outcomes

Think you are at capacity? You might be wrong.

TeleTracking Patient Access solutions bring transparency, communication and real-time visibility to your entire hospital enterprise system.

Saying no to incoming patients means lost revenue for your system, patients waiting longer, families traveling farther, and decreased community satisfaction. Prior to opening their health system patient flow command center powered by TeleTracking, one customer saw varied monthly patient transfers, anywhere from 6 to 44 patients. In the first full month after go-live, 100 patient transfers were accepted. 

Through our patient access, patient throughput, patient discharge and reporting solutions, your health system gains insight into bottlenecks and the foresight to plan for them. Just nine months after opening a centralized operational command center, one health system reduced the number of incoming transfer requests they sent to competitors from 80% to 40%. Another saw a transfer volume increase of 30%, while another brought their patient transfer acceptance rate to 99%.

Patients shouldn't need to be patient. We can help you improve patient access to care now.

Our Patient Access Solutions

Improving patient access across the entire care continuum.

Transfer Center

Are you able to quickly and easily accept critically ill patients into your system? TeleTracking's Transfer Center solution improves your ability to provide patients with timely access to the right care. Our Transfer Center customers report more timely care transitions, stronger physician relationships, significant patient referral and transfer growth, and increased revenue and market share.

Community Access Portal

Give your community care providers a new window to their patients within your health system. With Community Access Portal, community care providers can track major patient flow milestones, as well as referral request status and assignments. As a result, you improve community care satisfaction and are more likely to receive patients to your system.

On-Call Scheduling

Get fast access to the correct on-call physician. On-Call Scheduling helps ensure that your patients get the urgent care they need when every second counts. When your patient flow and centralized operational command center teams have quick and real-time access to the correct physician schedules, you eliminate a major patient access bottleneck, and your health system can say yes to more patient transfers.

Community Scheduling & Workflow

Empower patients with appointment self-scheduling and visibility. Patients report that ease of scheduling and on-time appointments are two of the most important factors in their overall healthcare experience. Community Scheduling & Workflow retain existing patients, attract new patients and improve overall satisfaction for patients and their families with automated alerts, estimated wait-times and delay transparency.

Case Study | Client Success

Creating Capacity: Patient Flow to Meet Demand at UAB Medicine

On the Floor

How does this help my team?

Director of Operations

Drill down and expose bottle necks and pain points in your hospital system. Improve patient access without the construction zone.

Patient Placement Director

Bring transparency and visibility to all hospitals and campuses. Say yes to incoming patient transfer requests by viewing big picture census forecasts, specific bed statuses, real-time bed turnover and planned discharges.

Community Physicians

Easily track major patient flow milestones after making a referral request through Community Access Portal.

Health System Command Centers

Command Centers Improving Patient Access