The Common Challenge

Efficient discharge planning means more patients will receive the care they need.

Patient discharge workflows are complex and are often a bottleneck for most hospitals. While the complexities from many moving parts and unexpected change will never completely go away, our automated solutions provide transparency and a clear visual for each patient's discharge plan.

Patient Throughput | TeleTracking

Designed for caregivers, our solutions give you the tools you need to create sustainable strategies that fit the unique complexities of your health system. You'll have the ability to utilize resources efficiently, while proactively predicting and planning for what is next.

Our Solutions

Patient discharge planning is complex, but it doesn't need to be difficult.

Community Placement

Are your patients waiting too long for post-acute care? 15% of patients are discharged to post-acute care facilities, but the process is often laden with delays.

Automated Discharge

Using Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) technology, Patient Tracking removes delays by instantly discharging a patient and sending a dirty bed notification when the room is vacated. Reduce lost bed time, save resource time and reduce costs.

Community Scheduling & Workflow

Empower patients to self-schedule follow-up appointments upon discharge. Set automated reminders and surveys, freeing up your resources for more time with patients.

The Results

Increase your patient capacity discharge efficiency

When patient discharge milestones are complete, many health systems still deal with discharge delays. Whether it's delays for post-acute placement, transportation, or simply poor resource management, beds are not being turned over efficiently. These delays cause the entire patient flow continuum to be squeezed: it is unable to function effectively.


Improving Patient Care

UAB Hospital saw a 35% increase of discharge orders received by 10am, moving the average discharge time closer to 12pm, lessening the threat for ED diversions and transfer denials. When the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Hospital created a Pending Discharge compliance initiative, the number of patients marked with a Pending Discharge increased by 40%. In addition, Confirmed to Actual Discharge decreased by 1 hour.

Getting patients discharged without delays is a growing hurdle for health systems across the country. Increase patient capacity, decrease re-admissions, and provide quality, timely and profitable care for your patients.

Did You Know?

We know your health system is unique.

Our solutions provide many tools and configurations to improve discharge efficiency. Our proven best practices, our combined teams and lean strategies come together to deliver results.

On the Floor

How does this help my team?

Transport Director

Empower your teams to focus on safely transporting their patient - our RTLS automation will take care of everything else.


Access to real-time resource efficiency and utilization reports provide the knowledge to make more informed business decisions for the future.


Quality patient care is more consistently delivered when hospital staff feels empowered to care and feels valued. Automated workflows allow resources to spend more time focusing on what's most important: their patients.