Clinical Workflow Suite | COVID-19

Managing your ORs in the Age of COVID-19

Here are some ways we can help manage your ORs in the COVID-19 era. In addition, while health systems are working to restore their elective caseloads and manage surgical backlogs, many are taking the opportunity to revisit overall operations. As they deal with continued uncertainty and anticipate future needs, the visibility, efficiency, and utilization benefits of Clinical Workflow Suite become more important than ever.

  • Visibility

    Bring visibility to new screening workflows and milestones.

  • Patient Status

    Communicate patient status to remote family members.

  • Efficiency

    Optimize efficiency and utilization -- more critical than ever.

  • COVID Cases

    Bring at-a-glance visibility to COVID cases and negative pressure ORs.

  • Capacity

    Help maximize acute care capacity to decompress your PACUs.

May 21 | 11:30 EST

Clinical Workflow Suite | Webinar

Managing Your OR in the Age of COVID-19

As health systems begin to reopen to elective surgeries, they’re re-defining how “normal operations” look to ensure patient and staff safetymaximize throughputpreserve the patient and family experience, and prepare for future demand.

the high cost of low efficiency

Driving efficiency in procedural, clinics and diagnostic imaging areas.

The costs of running operating rooms and procedural care areas are high, so optimizing their efficiency is critical because of the high impact that these departments can have on profitability. The inability to track patients, staff and procedure status in actual time, combined with poor efficiency measures leads to inefficient workflows and low utilization of resources.