Real-Time Insight

At Your Fingertips


The ability to monitor dashboards and statuses in real-time is critical for hospital executives, patient flow managers, charge nurses, bedside nurses, transporters and EVS staff.

Mobile Patient Flow Apps

Whether you are responsible for achieving your health system’s key operational metrics, supervising a nursing unit, cleaning beds or transporting patients, TeleTracking’s role-based mobile apps extend the use of Capacity Management Suite™ to your workforce in real-time. Equipped with the capability to drive workflows and provide real-time visibility into hospital operations, our mobile apps enable your staff to perform their jobs while on-the-go.

How does this benefit my team?

  • Executive

    Get an at-a-glance view of the entire health system based on pre-defined metrics across each hospital. Drill down to unit and bed level, receive alerts and communicate imperative patient flow metrics.

  • Patient Flow Teams

    Supplementing our patient throughput solutions, teams can facilitate flow and alleviate bottlenecks, viewing bed level and patient details, pushing notifications to other staff as needed.

  • Charge Nurse

    Designed for nursing leaders, the Charge Nurse app facilitates optimal patient flow. View unit and bed-level details, receive automated notifications and send messages to other team members - all designed to increase transparency and patient care delivery.

  • Bedside Nurse

    View an instant, real-time overview of assigned patients and their statuses - incoming, in-house, outgoing. Nursing staff also receive relevant notifications to keep them proactively informed.

  • Environmental Services

    EVS staff can create and receive jobs in real-time, staff are empowered to prioritize and manage their workloads leading to more efficient patient care.

  • Transporters

    Transporters get a real-time view of assigned work in an easy to use format. Staff can complete patient and item transport jobs and request assistance on-the-go.