Operationalizing the Care Continuum

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TeleTracking in the United Kingdom

We believe operational complexities should never stand between patients, frontline staff, and effective, quality care. TeleTracking UK is transforming the operating model for the National Health Service (NHS) through our world leading patient flow Coordination Centres and Operational Platform. By combining our technology with our transformational support services, we've created a holistic combination of people, process and technology that provides real-time visibility to support and sustain operational improvements within your organisation and across regions.

  • The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
  • Decreased cancelled operations due to lack of available beds.
  • Decrease in total number of bed days occupied by medical outliers.
  • Reduction in length of stay.
  • Reduced bed turn-around time from over four hours to under 2.5 hours.
  • Decrease in 'on the day' surgical cancellations, while overall an increase of 10% in attendance.

Our Mission

  • Access to Care

    By reducing A&E diversions, hallway boarding and left without being seen, hospitals are able to expedite and improve a patient’s access to timely care. Hospitals that have streamlined the referral and admit process have been able to decrease system leakage and capture additional market share.

  • Discharge Process

    Planning for a patient's discharge journey needs to begin at admission. Our solutions provide transparency throughout your patient's acute care stay as well as visibility and a seamless transition to post-acute facilities, moving outside the four walls of the hospital into the community and people in your care.

  • The Implementation Process

    The trusted and proven solution for dramatically improving patient flow throughput across the care continuum, transferring patients when they need to and where they need to, the first time.