Dan Wadsworth

Dan is an established leader with an operational background with over 13 years’ experience in NHS Trusts and NHS regulatory organisations. He demonstrates personable, situational and inclusive leadership styles to deliver quality improvements in very challenged NHS environments. Dan is an award-winning expert of successful change management programmes in healthcare with the social movement ‘15 seconds, 30 minutes’, promoting more joy in work and less frustrations.

Dan provides transformational expertise to clients implementing the TeleTracking patient flow solution. He uses NHS experience to enable clients to deliver productivity gains and efficiencies from implementing the TeleTracking solution, driven by best practices. Dan has a natural love for technology and its use in healthcare settings to provide better, quicker and the right care for patients first time, every time. 

Dan is a Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR) practitioner via the NHS Advancing Change Team (ACT) QSIR College, a part of NHS Improvement.