Designed for Outcomes

Through our 25+ year history, and thousands of implementations and service engagements, we’ve learned that patient flow success is measured directly by the achievement of specific business outcomes for our clients. We’ll be right there with you to provide expertise that helps you get the very most out of your system and people. Our service and consulting teams are dedicated to activating, sustaining and optimizing your success.

As soon as you come on board with TeleTracking, a client delivery team begins to plan and implement your project. We align your organization, engage teams on every level, activate, and optimize along the way with the right services at the right time based on measurement against your goals.

Getting Started

  • Implementation Services: #1 in KLAS, we deliver results quickly. Our process aligns your organization, builds the solution, and activates quickly. Highly skilled implementation managers, solution-design consultants, product specialists and technical engineers work closely with your dedicated project team to ensure your implementation is organized successfully.
  • Training Services: Our solutions are easy to use. This means training is simple – allowing you to spend time with patients instead of lengthy time in the classroom. We offer ‘Train the Trainer’ services or directly to your end users and care providers.
  • Connect Services: We integrate with your existing systems to enhance your visibility to data. We offer a TeleConnect package that gives you access to our current integration points and we also provide ad-hoc integrations per your request.
  • Managed Services: We can supplement your team if you are short on staffing. Our team can perform daily services such as systems administration, dedicated project management, on-site experts or even staff for your placement office.
  • Technical and Maintenance Services: We help with upgrade support, server configurations, migrations, and proactive monitoring. When you need to do a little along the way keep your system up to date, we offer cost maintenance services to update your systems to keep pace with changes in your organization. Updates may include user listings, locations, refresher training, and more.
  • Advisory Services: We actively engage with all levels of leadership, managers, and front-line staff to drive successful processes and sustainable system change after implementation. With a focus on successful change management, we support ongoing collaboration, constant adaptation, and sustainability.
  • Optimization Services: The majority of TeleTracking customers get results immediately and the results only get bigger as you actively engage the system. We stay with you during your journey to make sure you evolve and get top results. Optimization Services help you to make the most out of your TeleTracking solution.


Across our extensive hospital engagement experience, we have developed a unique Process Improvement Methodology that is grounded in:

  • Ongoing learning, sharing, and a constant focus on outcomes;
  • A Lean Six Sigma approach, which offers a data-driven performance improvement model focused on quality, efficiency, and sustainability;
  • Structured techniques for change management and sustainability; and
  • Continuous attention to the design of reliable systems and results.

Every Step of the Way

To sustain success in daily practice, we know there will be questions along the way and the need for technology assistance.

We offer dedicated support teams, available whenever you need them – 24/7. Responsive, real people in our technical support teams provide robust, enthusiastic client service – a hallmark of our company. Such focused support is part of every TeleTracking contract, and includes the integration of a Client Success Manager (CSM) to track and engage along the way, to make sure you are getting the most out of the system.