We will never stop evolving, exploring and innovating—and that’s because we believe better never stops. Our solutions provide alignment and transparency across every step of the care continuum—and are always focused on achieving our mission to ensure that no patient waits for the care they need.

TeleTracking's decades-long analytics experience has empowered the world’s largest healthcare systems with actionable and meaningful data to make better, faster decisions about patient access and patient care.

With powerful, actionable data now available to our U.S. government partners through TeleTracking’s SynapseIQ™ National Visibility Platform, we can provide real-time situational awareness of the state of healthcare facilities within their jurisdiction.

TeleTracking has worked with the federal government to quickly provide public health officials with COVID-19 data consistently and transparently through HHS Protect. The collaboration has yielded greater visibility into the entire healthcare system which has empowered health experts to make better decisions about patient access and care.

TeleTracking Government Services is committed to serving our government partners including Local, State, and Federal government entities.

Solution Data Sheet

SynapseIQ National Visibility

The COVID-19 crisis has made it all too clear that a real-time situational awareness of the healthcare system – at a hospital, state or federal level – is an imperative going forward.  To that end, the SynapseIQTM National Visibility solution was developed to ensure uninterrupted insight and metrics to the public sector based on the hospitals within their jurisdiction.

Frequently Asked Questions


What solutions and services do you provide for government entities?

SynapseIQ™ National Visibility is a scalable data platform that processes significant real-time data for short-term acute care hospitals and health systems across the United States. The platform is a subscription-based solution focused on the collection, aggregation, validation, management, and analysis of health care operations data for the public sector. Services such as solution delivery, provider support and advisory services are provided to the degree necessary to execute on the above functions.

Who are your government clients?

TeleTracking Government Services currently provides SynapseIQ™ National Visibility to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

What are your Industry Classification Codes?


NAICS: 541511

Multiple Award Schedule, Contract #: 47QTCA21D0032

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