TeleTracking regards all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking as abhorrent and is committed to ensuring that every one it deals with is treated with dignity.

It is part of our guiding principles that we value honesty and treat others with respect and we strive to ensure that this is reflected in the way we deal with those within our business and the way our partners and suppliers operate. We are committed to ensuring that, through the way we operate as a business, and the relationships we develop, no form of modern slavery or human trafficking occurs anywhere in our business or supply chain.

Our organisational structure and our business

TeleTracking is the world leader of patient flow automation solutions for the healthcare industry.

TeleTracking helps improve hospital operations and patient flow with real-time visibility. Its integrated set of access management, capacity management, clinical workflow, automation and analytics solutions and services reduce operational costs and increase patient satisfaction by driving efficiencies, improving patient throughput, decreasing patient wait times, increasing capacity and improving utilization of resources.

TeleTracking is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA. Operations in Europe and the UK are carried out through TeleTracking International Limited and TeleTracking GmbH.

Our staff

With over 450 employees worldwide we know the importance of our staff and their wellbeing. We are committed to treating all of our staff fairly and openly and to creating safe and secure workplaces and working environments.

All of our recruitment procedures and practices comply with the relevant local regulations and standards. We work hard to ensure that we take a fair and equal approach to recruiting talent and ensure that no employee is subject to discrimination on any protected ground. We also ensure that where work is sub-contracted, there is an express obligation to comply with local laws in respect of their operations and their recruitment and treatment of staff.

Our supply chains

Given the nature of our business we have a relatively short supply chain. Our principle supplies come from providers of cloud-based systems, and companies which supply us with hardware and office equipment. We also use sub-contractors to provide data coding services.

Our policies and principles 

At TeleTracking we have adopted several Guiding Principles which underlie everything we do and how we operate as a business. These principles affect not only how we operate internally, but also externally.

In particular, we are committed to treating others with respect; holding ourselves and one another accountable, as well as positively contributing to meaningful outcomes for our partners and for healthcare.

In addition to these Guiding Principles, we have implemented a Whistleblowing Policy which makes clear that all those working for us are encouraged to report concerns of any wrongdoing which they believe has occurred or is likely to occur. Examples of wrongdoing include any concerns relating to the business and the provenance of our supplies. We assure all employees that their concerns will be taken seriously, treated confidentially and that no unlawful action will be taken against them as a result of speaking up.

Due diligence 

We expect all our contractors, suppliers and other business partners to uphold the same high standards as we do, by ensuring all employees and workers are treated with dignity and respect in a fair and ethical environment.

We work to identify, assess, and monitor any potential areas of risk in relation to our business and supply chains. This includes considering the length of the relationship, nature of what is being supplied and the location from where it is being supplied. We will continue to look to manage any risks identified.

Assessing and managing risk 

Our due diligence processes help us to properly assess and manage risk. We are acutely aware that it is increasingly important to be aware of where our supplies come from and to assess and manage what risk may come with it.

We source goods and services predominantly from the United States. We also receive some supplies from China and some coding services are provided by a sub-contractor based in India. As part of our process of selecting suppliers we carefully consider and scrutinise the reputation of those organisations before reaching a decision about whether to work with them. We also ensure appropriate contractual obligations and rights in place to ensure that appropriate standards are upheld.


It is important to us that our employees are aware of the issues surrounding modern slavery and support our values. Our General Counsel is trained in the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act. We also intend to train other relevant employees to reinforce our policy and the steps to be taken in the event of any concerns.

Looking ahead 

Looking to the future, TeleTracking continues to uphold the integrity of the business, complies with national laws and regulations and works with suppliers to enhance awareness of social responsibility. In addition to its general responsible business activities, TeleTracking plans to review existing contractual engagements with its suppliers to ensure that all suppliers are bound to strong contractual covenants to uphold compliance with laws in all jurisdictions.

This statement is given on behalf of TeleTracking Technologies, Inc. and its subsidiaries for the financial year ending 31 December 2022 It sets out the steps taken during the financial year to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains.