Expanding the Capacity to Care™

TeleTracking is an integrated healthcare operations platform that is Expanding the Capacity to Care™ by combining comprehensive technology solutions with clinical expertise to optimize access to care, streamline care delivery and connect transitions of care. Through a Boundaryless Healthcare™ approach we provide true interoperability between acute, non-acute, affiliated, and non-affiliated facilities allowing health systems to think more about the patients they treat than just the beds they occupy. 

Operating in three major markets –North America, International (UK & Germany), and Government, we work with 200 health systems including the Top 3 largest health systems in the country and more than 1,100 individual hospitals where we manage over 200,000 beds representing millions of patient stays each year.

The solutions TeleTracking brings to the market build true operational visibility, regardless of the EMR, that allow hospitals and health systems to create a shared situational awareness, at the enterprise level, while improving workflows, better utilizing scarce resources, and attracting and retaining patients. By connecting previously disconnected care settings, TeleTracking helps hospitals and health systems capture and operationalize data to automate workflows, and influence data-driven process improvement through shared, real-time analytics and improved communication. This re-imagining of healthcare operations, with true data interoperability, means providers are able to operate outside the four walls of the traditional hospital, meeting patients wherever they seek care across the system.

For over 32-years health systems across the industry continue to rely on TeleTracking’s technology and operational expertise to:

  • Serve as the enterprise-wide operational platform, just as the EMR is the enterprise-wide clinical platform, to connect and consolidate disparate operational systems.
  • Connect disconnected care settings (Acute, Post-Acute & Primary Care) to provide a holistic view of health system operations.
  • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness to drive growth, manage throughput more effectively, and improve staff utilization and retention.

TeleTracking’s proven logistics platform has shown that we can not only serve the largest health systems in the world, but also scale to provide the same level of visibility across the nation. Through our work with the US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), TeleTracking scaled to integrate data from every Acute Care Hospital in America plus thousands of outpatient centers, creating national visibility to hospital capacity. The data collected as a result of this effort played a critical role in the allocation of funding, equipment, vaccines, therapeutics, and staff in response to the pandemic; and while unprecedented, still only impacts a small fraction of the overall healthcare economy.

Limiting these insights to pandemics falls short of what we need as a nation. Our vision for the next phase of this program is working with local, state, and federal governments to create a level of preparedness for all hazards including hurricanes and other natural disaster, bio-terrorism threats, and the next global pandemic through a true Healthcare Operations Cloud™. 



The Problems We Solve

The global healthcare economy faces challenges with increasing demand, rising costs, and scarce resources. We believe focusing on improved productivity – driven by visibility, workflow automation, and analytics can be the key to long-term growth, both in terms of the economics and the human aspect of healthcare.

COVID-19 has done more to transform healthcare than any event or initiative in our lifetime. It has shown us that the current financial model is unsustainable without better management of operational processes and better resource utilization. It has shown us that there is a direct correlation between operational efficiencies and patient outcomes, and it has shown us that we desperately need to support hospital staff with improved workflows if we’re ever going to increase capacity to meet demand.

Now is the time to re-imagine healthcare to create true interoperable visibility to operations in, and beyond the four walls of the health system. With a relatively small investment, we can capture the wasted energy in the system, and redeploy it to the benefit of health systems, caregivers, and most importantly, patients. To do this we must start thinking about the patient, not the beds they occupy, we must connect disconnected care settings, and deliver real-time, actionable analytics that prove the value of operational efficiencies. Doing so will give the industry the hindsight, insight, and foresight, at a microeconomic level, making it possible for our system to treat more patients at lower overall costs.

Our Value Pillars

We combine comprehensive technology solutions with clinical operations expertise to across four value pillars that help hospitals and health systems by:

TeleTracking Value Pillars: Optimizing staff workflows and productivity, strengthening Quality of care, improving financial performance and market share, integrating data across EMR systems across care access, care delivery and care transitions.

Our Timeline

From Then, Until Now

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