Powered by TeleTracking’s comprehensive enterprise technology and clinical expertise, the Healthcare Operations Cloud provides real-time visibility to operational performance, automated workflows, and advanced analytics to help Health Systems optimize access to care, streamline care delivery and connect transitions of care.

Components of the Healthcare Operations Cloud deliver timely, actionable insights, advanced analytics, and data visibility to acute-care bed management, staff workflow productivity, supply chain management and more, allowing Health Systems to build true system-wide situational awareness to operational performance.

These breakthrough technologies serve as a guide for the $8T global healthcare industry to enhance operations and better utilize scare resources to bend the cost curve of healthcare down while still improving access and quality of care. By creating an operational data layer Health Systems can support robust financial and clinical support strategies as well as provide enterprise-wide visibility to operational logistics.

The Healthcare Operations Cloud

  • Connects previously disconnected care settings, to streamline transitions between care settings.
  • Automates workflow processes, reducing manual steps for clinicians and optimizing the care delivery processes.
  • Introduces holistic healthcare operations analytics and data modeling to leverage predictive and prescriptive tools that drive improved hindsight, insight and foresight across the care continuum.
  • Broadens the reach of Boundaryless Healthcare™ to move healthcare delivery from individual hospitals and health systems to a true market network consisting of owned, affiliated and no-affiliated care partners.

The Healthcare Operations Cloud has solutions that address up to $125B worth of operational waste in healthcare annually caused by:

  • Long ED wait-times.
  • Misrouted patients
  • Extended length-of-stay (LOS)
  • Secondary infections
  • Inefficient staff & resource utilization
  • Poor communication & data interoperability

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