World Leader of Patient Flow Command Centers

Centralizing Care, Transforming the Patient Experience

At TeleTracking, we have a simple mission—to ensure that no one waits for the care they need.  And as care delivery becomes more complex, finding ways to achieve that mission is one of the most important challenges facing healthcare institutions today—and why coordinating patient care with a combination of people, process and technology across the continuum is absolutely essential.

For nearly three decades, we have developed THE operating platform—while bringing visibility to the “invisible” problems in healthcare, including the inefficiencies that cost lives and money. In addition, our focus on the underlying data has given us an opportunity to build the premier analytics platform for healthcare operations; providing hindsight into what has happened, so we can learn from it, insight into what is happening, so we can respond to it, and foresight into what will happen so we can prepare for it.  In addition, the evolution from the traditional hub-and-spoke model to complex, multi-market networks requires managing substantially higher volumes and increased complexity―and makes breaking down silos and enabling situational awareness a critical success factor.

The bottom line is at its core, TeleTracking’s has always been focused on saving lives, giving more time back to caregivers and giving patients a positive experience—by helping ensure patients have access to the level of care they need where and when they need it. Furthermore, given the financial pressures that health systems face, TeleTracking helps improve care delivery without adding cost, space or inventory.  

Our Pillars

Unparalleled Expertise

With extensive operational and clinical backgrounds, our experts have literally centuries of experience to help guide health systems on their improvement journey. They have been on both the frontlines of patient care and the implementation of Operational Command Centers. They know how to marry technology, process, proven best practices and people to ensure that all functions are working in concert—everything from the emergency department and the ICU to air and ground dispatch and telehealth—to manage our signature “home-to-home” approach to care.

Passionate About Solutions that Work

Our solutions solve the systemic issues that health systems face on a daily basis―and that block patients from receiving the care that they need, when they need it. Through a combination of people, process and technology, we address the operational complexities that challenge healthcare providers. We won’t stop until no patient waits for the care they need.

Meaningful, Measurable, Impact

We have an unmatched record of delivering on the measurable, operational outcomes that matter.  It is about getting the right patient to the right facility, at the right time, by the right mode of transport — the FIRST time. When these factors are working in concert, lives are saved.

Always Evolving

We will never stop evolving, exploring and innovating—and that’s because better never stops. We provide alignment and transparency across every step of the care continuum—and are always focused on our mission to ensure that no one ever has to wait for the care they need.

Our Timeline

From Then, Until Now

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