The World Leader of Patient Flow

The fact that we’re called ‘TeleTracking’ is proof of how long we've been experts in patient flow.

The mission of TeleTracking is simple: no patient should ever have to wait for the care they need. As the world leader in patient flow solutions, TeleTracking is more than a healthcare technology company. Industry experts, process consultants and thought leaders in the healthcare space, TeleTracking is delivering reportable and proven outcomes impacting hospitals and healthcare systems all over the world.


TeleTracking began over twenty-five years ago as a solution to solve the bed turnover problem using what was found in every patient room: a telephone. Expanding, growing and changing, now with a portfolio of end-to-end patient flow software solutions, and proven best practices, the name TeleTracking describes the journey of the past, present and future. As hospital enterprises spend hundreds of millions to install systems that move patient records, TeleTracking is positioned to add significant value to that spend by offering an interdisciplinary, real-time system that moves people and resources more efficiently and safely than ever before.

Our History

Focusing on Patient Flow before Patient Flow was a Thing.


It took significant awareness to recognize that there was a patient flow pattern within the continuum of care, and that many of the steps in the flow could be automated and monitored for greater efficiency. Our founders knew that enhancing and optimizing patient flow would alleviate congestion in the ER by getting people into the right beds more quickly. They had to have faith that hospitals would adopt new technology that wasn’t diagnostic or therapeutic, but designed to make work flow better.


Our vision at TeleTracking

Our technology is transforming hospital command centers across the country and around the world, so that they no longer need to turn away patients because of capacity. We are integrating flow automation and sensor network technology to deliver products that will keep a more precise track of patients and assets, eliminating even more wasted time from the patient flow process. Our solutions go beyond the four walls of the hospital and into the community and post-acute space: we believe in seamless and transparent transitions across the care continuum.

While our products improve the business of healthcare, we take greatest pride in how they improve the purpose of healthcare – to help people get better. We are changing the future of patient care, one minute-turned-moment at a time.

Our Timeline

From Then, Until Now