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Health Sytem IT: Why a Cloud-based strategy is the way forwardThe Rx for Healthcare IT: Transitioning from Legacy Apps to a Cloud Platform

A major obstacle facing hospitals and health systems is the ability to harness technology to achieve optimized patient care workflow efficiencies. Historically, hospitals have had predominantly hard-wired server-based IT system architectures, making it challenging to scale to the growth needs of multiple facilities or functional areas within a hospital. Legacy-based IT architectures are also restricted in their data backup and sharing capabilities, as  well as security and user control and access. To unleash the full benefits of what integrated clinical and operational software technology can accomplish for healthcare organizations and their patients, providers must completely reorient their IT development approach from plug-in, patchwork applications to a platform design where capability can be continuously delivered and scaled in the cloud.

The Healthcare Operations Cloud™

Technology that can enhance operational workflow efficiencies - and synchronize with clinical care and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems - is the solution for sustaining healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes.  TeleTracking’s cloud-based SaaS platform offers capabilities that hospitals and health systems can implement to integrate complementary operational and patient flow applications that remediate highly complex care access,  transition and delivery deficiencies so clinical workflows can proceed in the most efficient and effective manner for patients.

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