Patient Access

First you have to make sure you can get those in need through the door.

Patients don't need to be waiting: improve patient access to the care they need by creating transparency and real-time visibility with our patient access solutions.

By reducing ED diversions, hallway boarding and left without being seen, hospitals are able to expedite and improve patient access to timely care. Hospitals that have streamlined the referral and admit process have been able to decrease system leakage and capture additional market share.

70% reduction in ED wait time

Patient Flow

Then you have to know where they are and that they're getting the care they need.

Your healthcare system's patient capacity might be higher than you think. Our patient throughput solutions optimize workflow, improve patient flow and throughput, provide more timely patient care, and decrease overall length of stay, while caring for a larger patient population.

Patient throughput time reduced by 59%

patient flow solutions

Patient Discharge

Then get them home to their families, having received the best treatment available.

Our solutions provide the transparency needed to begin the patient discharge process when it should: at admission. We provide seamless care transitions and transfers to home and post-acute facilities, extending our proven access and patient flow best practices beyond your hospital walls.

One health system quickly experienced a 1.39 day reduction in length of stay

reduction in length of stay

Enterprise Analytics

Metrics that Matter

We know that driving operational efficiency and organizational change is more challenging than ever with with rising costs, staff shortages, new reimbursement paradigms, etc. One health system saved

$4.88 million by reducing patient length of stay.

Our operational platform and proven best practices have delivered extraordinary outcomes to hundreds of hospitals and health systems for nearly three decades.

improve quality of care