Operationalizing the Care Continuum

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The Common Challenge

Metrics that Matter

Our analytics solutions provide a robust set of dashboards and reports to give you the business intelligence and insight you need. Our analytics solutions are designed to increase operational understanding and improve patient throughput performance.

As the need for efficiency and predicting patient demand increases, our solutions make sense of the complexities and pinpoint bottlenecks.

Patient Placement

Our Solutions

You don't need more data, you need the right data.

  • Performance Reporting

    Our patient flow solutions produce a tremendous amount of data. So we support them with turn-key dashboards and reports to help you easily understand performance, track progress to your goals and share your outcomes. It’s performance management, made easy.

  • Predictive Insights

    The ability to predict and plan for patient demand is critical for improving patient care, staff satisfaction and staff retention. Using powerful predictive analytics, you can now manage the census and plan for what is next.

The Results

Bring your hospital data to life.

Predictive Insights looks ahead to upcoming capacity restraints and suggests discharges to free capacity for incoming patients. In addition, you can forecast potential business decisions with projected results of various investments.

Predictive Insights consumes critical patient flow data from your TeleTracking solutions, along with ADT and other third-party data, and brings it to life in heat maps, flow diagrams, and other powerful visualizations that can be compared and reviewed by stakeholders.

Performance Outcomes

Did You Know?

What if you could predict the future?

With our analytics solutions, you just about can. We use historical data and demand, queuing science and simulation models to accurately predict patient demand.

On the Floor

How does this help my team?

  • Patient Transport Management

    View and manage your transport teams real-time and on the go.

  • Environmental Services Management

    See the big picture and achieve goals with designated dashboards designed for you.

  • Transfer Center/Operational Command Center Director

    Observe at-a-glance the current hospital status, using filters like discipline or campus to drill down and make informed patient placement decisions.