Clinical Workflow

By driving efficiency in procedural & diagnostic areas to improve patient throughput, decrease patient wait time, increase capacity and improve utilization of resources.

Predictive Insights Periop Edition


Align OR resources to meet surgical demand.  

A lack of timeline and reliable access to surgical operating room data makes it difficult for perioperative leaders to manage block allocation and utilization. Additionally, inefficient schedules result in excess idle time and overtime, mismatched surgical teams, and even delays caused by insufficient coverage, reducing your bottom line as well as staff satisfaction.

Clinical Workflow™ Suite

Driving Efficiency in Procedure, Clinics and Diagnostic Imaging Areas

Perioperative, diagnostic and outpatient clinic services are the economic engine of a hospital. More than half of a health system’s revenue often comes from surgical cases. However, the costs of running operating rooms and procedural care areas, like cath labs and endoscopy, are also very high. Given the high impact that these departments can have on profitability, it’s critically important to optimize their efficiency.

TeleTracking’s Clinical Workflow Suite addresses these common challenges by providing real-time visibility to patient, staff and procedure status, streamlining patient flow and providing easy-to-use reports to measure operational performance. This allows health systems to maximize utilization and capacity in these care areas:

  • Perioperative / Surgical Services
  • Cath Lab
  • Endoscopy
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Gastroenterology
  • System-Owned Clinics