PatientTracking Portal™ Overview

PatientTracking Portal™ was developed specifically for nurses and unit staff as a better way to quickly and comprehensively access patient information, easily perform patient flow tasks, and keep track of critical clinical patient information.

By consolidating the most pertinent functions of TeleTracking’s world class Bed Management Suite™ and TransportTracking™ solutions, nurses and unit staff can easily perform and monitor bed and transport requests, change discharge status and identify critical Patient Placement Indicator (PPIs) such as Isolation or Fall Risk.

PatientTracking Portal™ also eliminates the need for your unit’s typical “white board” information and can even be updated, in real-time, with clinical system information, such as lab and radiology status.

PatientTracking Portal™ provides you with a single source for real-time patient information and an easy to use application to make better patient flow decisions…all in one place.