PreAdmitTracking® Overview

This innovative solution — featuring the electronic bedboard® — ends the headaches of patient placement by speeding the process and relieving overcrowding in the ED, the hospital or an entire multi-campus enterprise.

You get an unprecedented real-time digitized overview of bed status which lets you get patients in the right bed faster, plan ahead, eliminate phone calls and patient waits. Capitalize on the bed turnover efficiencies of your current BedTracking® solution with the added ability to plan, prepare, manage and optimize the entire patient flow continuum.

From the moment a patient is discharged and a bed cleaning request is entered, bed status — dirty, in progress, or clean — is immediately updated and visible in the electronic bedboard®. Make swift decisions about placement. See current census, pending discharges, new admissions, dirty beds and future bed availability with color-coded displays, automatic timers and other helpful features. See benefits from increased patient through-put, reduced emergency department overcrowding and shorter patient wait times.