TeleTracking Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) Overview

Real-time Information for Better Decision Making

Knowing the real-time location and status of medical equipment, patients and skilled staff resources is critical to overall hospital operational efficiency.

RTLS offers the unprecedented ability to find and manage mobile equipment assets and locate people – in real-time – from any computer or mobile device in your enterprise. Like indoor GPS, RTLS maps the quickest route to the equipment you need when you need it. And the decision-making intelligence it provides lets you buy only the equipment you need, decrease rentals, reduce out-of-service time and missing items. Because of this, asset tracking with RTLS has been proven to show immediate and substantial ROI while improving the quality of care. RTLS patient tracking and staff locating add additional process efficiencies and workflow automation to maximize hospital capacity.

Learn How RTLS Can Improve Your Hospital Operations and Increase ROI!

In healthcare, close isn’t good enough

Early generations of real-time locating systems were fraught with technical problems which limited location accuracy and interfered with clinical technologies. TeleTracking RTLS solves these challenges and takes the guesswork out of location accuracy. Using a patented and innovative dual technology solution, TeleTracking offers Infrared-based location positioning, assuring room, bed and bay level accuracy, combined with a 900MHz communication backbone, which will not compete or interfere with your existing Wi-Fi network. And, the solution is battery-powered so it requires no mechanical installation (no drilling) and will not reduce valuable hospital electrical outlets. The result is the most accurate, flexible and scalable RTLS solution in the healthcare market today.

Real-Time Capacity Management

Lean times and healthcare reform are requiring hospitals to re-focus on efficiency and cost-saving initiatives. But traditional cost cutting methods have reached the point of diminishing return. Newer trends, such as asset tracking, are only the beginning. Today, healthcare leaders understand the value of both asset tracking and proactive operational management models which can predict capacity and demand, asset needs, and planning, all based on the wealth of real-time data yielded.

TeleTracking, is the acknowledged leader in converting data into actionable information and is uniquely positioned to lead the way. By combining the most accurate and immediate RTLS technology available with the market’s leading patient flow and logistics management solutions, TeleTracking delivers the most comprehensive enterprise solutions for monitoring and analyzing physical operations in absolute real time. This will make system wide capacity and resource optimization easier than ever, resulting in reduced costs, increased admissions and improved patient care.

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