TransferCenter™ Overview

Faster transfers save lives, improve care and strengthen referral networks, but manual processes can’t keep up with the pressures of today’s demands for specialty services. The results include inconsistent data, limited reporting ability, increased liability risk, reduced volume potential, strained referral relationships and ultimately, poorer patient care.   

Leading hospitals are creating central transfer centers to ease those pressures. A Transfer Center coordinates all admission requests from other hospitals and local physicians, typically through a single phone number. It captures patient medical and demographic information, facilitates physician communications and handles bed requesting, registration and transportation.

TeleTracking, with 20 years of experience in optimizing patient flow, can help your hospital do the same. With the aid of TeleTracking Consulting Services and specialized TransferCenter™ software, you can streamline your existing processes in order to:

  • Increase referral volume
  • Reduce administrative challenges
  • Measure referral patterns
  • Limit risk
  • Improve outcomes
  • Monitor paging and call activity
  • Collect accurate patient data
  • Coordinate referring and admitting physicians 

Yet, all the process change in the world won’t help if you can’t get an accurate picture of your hospital’s current capacity. And only TeleTracking’s TransferCenter™ software allows you to easily link with the industry-leading Bed Management Suite™ to quickly locate an appropriate bed or surgical/treatment suite.


Along with the specialized TransferCenter™ software, TeleTracking Consulting Services can assist your hospital in setting up a new transfer center & streamline your existing processes.