The Common Challenge

Maximizing Patient Flow

Evidence shows that despite reforms, emergency department volume has actually increased. That’s all the more reason we need to improve patient flow throughout the health system: from patient access to patient discharge and every step in between. TeleTracking’s patient throughput solutions can help your organization optimize workflow, provide more timely care, decrease overall length of stay, while serving a larger patient population.

More time with patients

Optimizing patient flow through your hospitals and creating real-time visibility to bottlenecks prevents overcrowding and long wait times in the Emergency Department, which is often the root cause for patients leaving before they are seen by a caregiver.

Strategically managing the patient discharge process and bringing visibility to discharge performance provides care management and patient placement teams with the information they need to drive more timely discharges, which ultimately decreases patient length of stay and improves hospital capacity.

Our Solutions

System-wide visibility and transparency for more efficient patient flow.

Mobile Apps

Insight on the go, our mobile apps are designed for specific users responsible for specific roles in creating patient flow efficiencies.

Capacity Management Suite™

Reduce operational costs with improved patient throughput and equipment utilization, reduction of transport and environmental service staffing needs, and decreased length of stay.

Enabling Technologies (RTLS)

Our Capacity Management Suite™ and Clinical Workflow® Suite solutions are RTLS enabled, providing automated and precision tracking of patients, staff, and assets.

Clinical Workflow® Suite

TeleTracking’s Clinical Workflow® Suite addresses inefficient workflows and lack of transparency by providing real-time visibility to patient, staff and procedure status, streamlining patient flow and providing easy-to-use reports to measure operational performance.

Community Scheduling & Workflow™

Community Scheduling & Workflow™ is a cloud-based solution that helps you quickly improve your ambulatory patient experience by providing self-scheduling, automated notification and streamlined workflows for increased efficiency.


TeleTracking's ServiceTracking® solution automates the work order management process, eliminating internal phone hassles, improving turn-around-time, and automatically providing job status information. 

Did You Know

3-5 million additional patients could receive care with the 20 million unnecessary patient days per year.

Operational efficiencies and effective patient flow could unlock tens of millions of days in latent capacity and dramatically reduce the average length of stay.

On the Floor

How does this help my team?

Emergency Department

Decrease patient wait times for emergency care by efficiently admitting patients and reducing dead bed times.

Patient Placement Team

Unparalleled transparency and real-time visibility decrease unnecessary phone calls and patient transport delays.

Charge and Bedside Nurses

Create a culture of teamwork and increased communication with patient flow technology designed for caregivers and their patients.