What is it?

The trusted and proven patient throughput solution

TeleTracking's Capacity Management Suite is an integrated set of trusted solutions that can reduce your operational costs by improving patient throughput and equipment utilization, while reducing transport and environmental service staffing needs. Combined with our proven best practices, customers achieve reduced length of stay, improved utilization of health system capacity and resources, and an opportunity to grow revenue.


For Your System

TeleTracking’s Bed Sight™ capability gives you full enterprise visibility to available beds, even at your small and critical access hospitals:

Automates work between patient flow stakeholders

Improves timely patient access to the right level of acute care

Improves the overall discharge process and planning

Improves bed turnover efficiency

Pinpoints and removes patient flow bottlenecks

Reduces patient length of stay, delays and hold time

Integrated Patient Throughput Solutions:

PreAdmitTracking automates the process of placing patients to reduce patient wait times and overcrowding throughout a hospital, across a health system, or even in a single department such as the ED. It brings visibility to projected census and demand from all patient intake areas including the ED, PACU, Cath Lab, as well as internal and external transfers.

PatientTracking Portal is a comprehensive nursing whiteboard that provides rounding caregivers with at-a-glance visibility to bed and patient status and helps them to manage care progression and discharge planning milestones. It also gives them the ability to quickly view and update patient attributes such as core measures, fall risk, isolation precautions and dietary restrictions.

The electronic bedboard provides a comprehensive view of bed statuses on each unit within a hospital, or across a health system.

BedTracking reduces time lags in the bed turnover process and automates the communication of bed status to all patient flow stakeholders.

TransportTracking streamlines patient transport by using intelligent and configurable dispatching logic to assign transport requests to employees to transfer or discharge patients.

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