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SynapseIQ® COVID-19 Dashboard

True Operational Visibility

Improve operations in the moment with SynapseIQ® Enterprise

TeleTracking's operational platform produces a significant amount of data. Knowing what data to track, measure, and analyze can seem like an impossible challenge. By ingesting the data across the platform and synthesizing it into a more consumable format, SynapseIQ® Enterprise equips your team with visibility and critical insights to make better decisions.


The result?

With SynapseIQ® Enterprise, you will see improved collaboration among staff, increased accountability across your organization, a reduction in total operational costs, and a significant uptake in performance across the care continuum.


The Right Data at your Fingertips

Benefits for Your Health System


  • Operate More Cohesively With Timely & Actionable Data

    Consistent metrics, along with timely and actionable data from SynapseIQ® Enterprise are delivered to everyone across your system, from the front-line to the executive team. This common operating picture makes it possible for teams to collaborate more effectively and gives them the advantage of speed in high-pressure situations

  • Reduce Siloed Decision-making With Enterprise-wide Visibility

    As an organization scales, the need for visibility across an enterprise becomes even more crucial. SynapseIQ® Enterprise helps teams identify workflow silos that may be impacting other departments, quickly determine if issues are systemic or site-specific and understand the full picture of operations – leading to better and faster decisions.

  • Identify Opportunities for Organizational Growth

    C-suite executives can identify new business opportunities, make data-driven decisions around the addition of new services lines, and institute measures to prevent system leakage—all necessary initiatives to drive revenue opportunities and system growth.

  • Pinpoint Workflow Bottlenecks With Greater Precision

    Extensive drill-down configurations deliver unprecedented visibility from the enterprise down to the individual patient or employee, giving staff the precise insight they need to identify the root cause of operational issues, drive accountability, and celebrate the successes of exemplary staff.

  • Best-in-class Reporting Package Based on 30 Years of Operational Expertise

    TeleTracking has been improving healthcare operations for nearly three decades, and as a result, our experts have developed a series of best practices to help transform operations across the care continuum. Those best practices and expertise have been translated into a best-in-class reporting package. Health system staff now have a comprehensive blueprint for operational improvement which highlights hotspots making it possible for them to take immediate action.

  • Modern, Flexible Architecture Scales With Your Organization

    Experience the benefits of a cloud-hosted solution and spend less time maintaining heavy onsite infrastructure. Additional benefits include instant access to new features and updates empowering your organization to stay astride with innovation.