You don't need more data,

Improve operations in the moment with SynapseIQ

Ensuring patient safety and improving performance requires staff to have access to information in-the-moment. That’s why we created SynapseIQ. SynapseIQ delivers actionable insight and enterprise-wide visibility to your staff in real-time.

TeleTracking's operational platform produces a significant amount of data. Knowing what data to track, measure, and analyze can seem like an impossible challenge. This is why we created SynapseIQTM. By ingesting the data across the platform and synthesizing it into a more consumable format, we equip your team with visibility and critical insights to make better decisions.

Benefits for your health system:

  • Integration with TeleTracking's Best Practices

    • TeleTracking has been in the business of transforming healthcare operations for nearly 30 years, and we have learned a thing or two. We have infused our operational best practices into SynapseIQTM to help your teams better understand the metrics that matter and how to improve them over time. 
  • The Right Level of Detail

    • With SynapseIQTM, operational data is presented in an easy to consume format with the ability to drill down for deeper analysis. Pinpoint bottlenecks faster and with greater precision.
  • Real-time and Shared Situational Awareness

    • SynapseIQTM provides a real-time view and a shared understanding of your healthcare operations allowing your team to make critical decisions impacting patient care and the financial health of your organization.
  • Enterprise Visibility

    • To truly get the most out of your TeleTracking solutions, you need a common connection that fuses the data to provide a holistic view of patients accessing your system, patients in your system, patients pending discharge and patients entering post-acute facilities.
  • Scalability

    • No more time-consuming implementations with substantial investments from your IT teams. As your organization expands with the addition of new facilities, so does SynapseIQTM.

The result?

With SynapseIQTM, you will see improved collaboration among staff, increased accountability across your organization, a reduction in total operational costs, and a significant uptake in performance across the care continuum.

Interested in learning how SynapseIQTM can help you achieve your business goals?