Cloud-Based Patient Access Solution

All New Release TransferCenterIQ™: Powerful, Fluid, Scalable


Health systems world-wide are focusing on this problem: can your system transition patients into your hospitals quickly and smoothly? Our Transfer Center solution customers report more timely care transitions, stronger physician relationships, significant referral and transfer growth, and increased revenue and market share.

Our Transfer Center IQ solution is an essential piece of the Operational Command Center model. With 98% capacity daily, Carilion Clinic was battling increasing diversions and declining referring physician loyalty. After creating their Transfer and Communications Center, operating synergies emerged immediately, resulting in care for 1000 more patients annually.

Benefits for your health system

  • Expand market share and increase revenue
  • Improve timeliness of care transitions
  • Streamline and standardize processes
  • Establish and track organizational goals
  • Drive accountability throughout your organization

Transfer Center Solution

Powerful, Scalable, and Fluid

With TransferCenterIQ, your Command Center team can act faster and more efficiently, with higher reliability. This means your system can manage more complex cases and higher patient volumes, deliver exceptional physician experiences, and rapidly adapt as needs change—four keys to financial growth and reputation for quality care.

Transfer Center IQ: Advantage One

Fluidly Handle High Patient Volumes

  • The Difference

    With TransferCenterIQ, your teams rapidly see the most urgent priorities across their caseload and can much more quickly cycle among cases and tasks to accomplish more, faster

  • The Value

    Easier management of large caseloads increases admissions and minimizes wait times, resulting in improved physician, staff, and patient satisfaction.

Transfer Center IQ: Advantage Two

Seamlessly Manage Complex Cases

  • The Difference

    With TransferCenterIQ, your teams can join a case in midstream and immediately understand the story, working together to accelerate the process based on a common operating picture.

  • The Value

    Shared situational awareness gives your teams speed, high reliability, improving quality of care, faster acceptances and more efficient admissions processes.

Transfer Center IQ: Advantage Three

Helps Deliver Exceptional Physician Experiences

  • The Difference

    With TransferCenterIQ, your team has instant access to provider information, and can easily document all interactions resulting in better use of physicians’ time and expedited follow-up.

  • The Value

    When interaction with referral partners feels fluid, well-informed, and efficient, you deliver a much better physician experience. And better experiences = better relationships = more patients.

Transfer Center IQ: Advantage Four

Purpose-Built to Grow with Your System

  • The Difference

    With Transfer Center IQ, you have the flexibility to fluidly assimilate new facilities and smoothly incorporate new referral sources forging new partnerships across the country or around the world.

  • The Value

    Scalable cloud architecture, flexible design, and growth-focused capabilities mean Transfer Center IQ adapts to your strategies and goals resulting in the ability to rapidly leverage new opportunities without your tech holding you back.

Transfer Center IQ: Advantage Five

Offers Deeper Insight into Operational Performance

  • The Difference

    Transfer Center IQ offers new visibility to important patterns, including issues or escalations with an individual case, referral trends by facility type—e.g., freestanding EDs vs. SNFs, and physician/facility decline reasons.

  • The Value

    Ability to home in on key case aspects in real time = rapid problem-solving and better patient care. Better insight into operational performance and opportunities = improved ability to drive transformation and growth.