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How can you not change when it only takes 15 seconds or less?

The NHS is in the news more than ever―transforming services, overhauling systems, and making large scale changes, service redesigns, system-wide integrations and program changes.

If you work in health and social care, it’s likely you’ve heard those terms before―and it can sound a bit daunting. These factors are important to improving the NHS―in fact, they’re vital to improvements―but where does one start?

We say, start small! And that means start with the little changes that make the biggest impact.

For example, take the social movement 15seconds, 30minutes (@15s30m). This movement empowers staff to undertake a 15-second task now which saves someone else 30 minutes or more, later.

This is one way to fight the burnout that is seen more and more in NHS workforce reviews―and with the current nursing deficit, this is something that simply can’t continue. Several people completing 15-second tasks in benevolent cycles helps reduce frustration and increase joy in work―something that we all have a right to.

TeleTracking is a great example where 15-second tasks have a huge benefit for patients, colleagues and yourself.

For example:

A completely live bed state across the health system

  • Prioritizing and marking patient discharges as pending or confirmed can support a flow plan for the day, and it saves time for patient placement when pre-assigning beds for waiting patients.

Staggering Patient Discharge Times

Reduced ‘idle bedtime’ can decrease emergency department and ambulance diversions

  • Idle bed-time, or the amount of time beds sit empty, is critical to moving patients out of the ED. TeleTracking displays a countdown timer once a clean, ready bed has been assigned to a patient >> the patient is ready to be moved >> and the time they actually occupy the bed—illustrating how long it takes to move the patient from the ED to the bed. This is another example of time saved both on the front and back end that ties directly to a better overall patient experience.

Mid South Essex Client Success

Automated patient movements

  • Porters (transporters) are key to a successful patient flow strategy. It takes 15 seconds (or less) to request a porter (transporter) to move a patient from one location to the next, thus saving time on the backend which impacts patient wait times, idle-bed time and patient and staff satisfaction. TeleTracking’s Transport Tracking solution streamlines patient transport by using intelligent and configurable dispatching logic to assign porter (transport) requests to employees to transfer or discharge patients 

Hospital Transport Productivity

Automated discharges

  • When patients are admitted and badged using a real-time locating system [RTLS], it adds another dimension to knowing exactly where your patients are. Upon discharge, these badges are dropped into a ‘box’ that automatically sends a message to TeleTracking and: 1. Discharges the patient; 2. Triggers a dirty bed notification to bed-cleaners (EVS) to clean the room; 3. Alerts patient placement that a bed is available for a waiting patient. Again, 15 seconds of less equates to more time for caregivers to actually care, as well as the same improvements listed above.

RTLS Discharge

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